December 5, 2009


I sat down with a mug of hot cocoa yesterday and worked on some of the final edits for Witch Wolf. I was sitting there, typing away, when I heard that horrible noise that felines will give when they're about to upchuck. A second later, something shot across the room and landed with a meaty slap.

The cat jumped down off of the bed as soon as I turned to look. I turned, only to discover what looked like a war zone of kitty vomit.

My girlfriend keeps a travel pillow up on the bed. You know, one of those little pillows people get when taking a long flight. The cat had vomited all over it. I went around the bed to check the floor. Sure enough, she had projectile vomited. I couldn't help it, for a moment I just stood there and thought Dear Gods, that’s a lot of freaking cat puke.

But, oh, how it got worse. I returned to the room armed with paper towels and carpet cleaner. The cat upchucked again, this time, by my bookcase. I had to stop editing as I tried to figure out the best way to clean my girlfriend’s pillow (which was soaked). In the end, I decided the most effective way of cleaning it was by checking the tag and washing it. Yet, once I removed the pillow from the bed, I realized that the cat had not only puked on that, but on the blanket as well. I pulled the blanket back and frowned, hard. I pulled the sheet back and frowned even harder. Kitty puke had soaked through the blanket, to the sheet, and to the fitted sheet below.

I looked at the cat in question, who was huddling in the corner of the room by the bookcase, trying to be unobtrusive. “Seriously?” I asked.

She sank down lower, as if in apology, but her ears flattened warily. I wasn't mad at her. How could I be for something that she couldn't help? One moment she'd been sleeping quietly beside me and the next... well, you know.

I had to strip the bed and remove all of the contaminated material. I threw another blanket down while the others were being washed. A safety blanket, in case one of the cats decided to they had to puke. Of course, once the safety blanket went down - no one had to puke. Go figure.

I still got quite a bit of work done on the edits. I didn't tackle the one big scene I wanted to get my hands on and work with, but still, work was accomplished. The work yesterday wasn't steady. There were too many interruptions for that. Nonetheless, I managed to work around those interruptions and that’s something.

Hopefully, the interruptions today will be at a minimum and I'll be able to tackle that one big scene.



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