December 21, 2010

Solstice Greetings.

Merry Yule (or whatever you happen to celebrate)!

I thought I’d take a few minutes this morning to add some stuff to the blog.

A few months ago a friend of mine found four adorable kittens outside of a club (bar) in the city. After a week or so the friend was no longer able to care for them. He was going to have another friend take them to a shelter, when I blurted out, “Why don’t you just bring them to me?” And so, he did. For weeks I had my hands full with bottle-feedings and all of the other glamorous tasks that go along with raising furry babies. They’ve since grown and are quite the entertainers (as those of you who are friends with me on Facebook have discovered by the kitten videos I’ve been posting). I have kept all but one kitten, who has found a happy home. :)

I’m still getting requests to enter the drawing for Raven Mask and wanted to touch briefly on that. Unfortunately, the giveaway has already taken place and for those of you still sending requests to enter the drawing, my apologies. I will, however, be doing another giveaway in the future.

On the book front, I’m still working on the third book in the Kassandra Lyall series. A lot of readers have asked me if there’s going to be a next book and if I plan on continuing Kassandra’s series. Yes, I do.

And for those of you that need a Kassandra fix, ‘Harvest Sins,’ a Kassandra short story appears (along with many other wonderful stories by some very kickass authors) in the Bold Strokes Books’ anthology, Breathless: Tales of Celebration, which was released earlier this month. You can order your copy here:

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with the Bibliophilic Book Blog, which can be found here: Bibliophilic Book Blog - Author Interview.

Another piece of good news, Fangtastic Books listed Witch Wolf as one of the ‘5 Indie and Small Press Books Worth Reading.’ You can check that out here: Fangtastic Books - '5 Indie and Small Press Books Worth Reading.'

Last but not least, I thought I’d share a link to The Cocktail Hour. Andy and Rev discussed Witch Wolf not too long ago. I recommend checking out their other podcasts too, as they’re quite enjoyable. :) The Cocktail Hour - Witch Wolf Discussion.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday!

Many Blessings,


September 30, 2010

Ew Factor.

Something very gross happened yesterday. Having caught the crap going around this time of year, I was feeling a bit under the weather and depressed. I hate being sick. But who doesn’t? My feline, Nerys, crawled into my lap when I was sitting in bed to comfort me. I sat there petting her for a while and when she was done she got up to go lay down on her kitty pillow. Well, when she got up she left behind a little surprise. Warning: If you’re easily grossed out you should probably stop reading. I must’ve folded my hands in my lap or something, because next thing I knew I felt something kind of cool and sticky on my finger. I raised my hand and thought, “Booger?” No, seriously. So, I’m sitting there staring at it going, “Booger? How the hell did a booger get on my hand?” And then the boogery thing started writhing ever-so-slightly.

A little voice in my head went, “So NOT a booger! So NOT a booger! Ew, ew, ew!” I had a complete girl moment, eeked out, and wiped it on the blanket. As soon as the thing wriggled, I knew what it was. A booger it was not. A tapeworm that wiggled out of my cat’s ass while she was curled in my lap, it was. Pretty gross, right? And because of my complete girl moment – I lost the damn thing. I got a flashlight and examined the blanket, remembering the area I had wiped it on, and couldn’t find it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Nerys is highly aggressive with almost everyone but me. She’s a one person cat. If she doesn’t know a person, she’s going to be a complete and utter bitch to them. I’ve had veterinarians in the past tell me, “Your cat is a bitch. Don’t bring her back.” In fact, the last time I took her to the vet I put a kitty harness and leash on her. I realized once we got there why I’d put the harness on her -- so I could pull her back when she made a flying attack leap at the vet’s face. Nerys let me touch her, but the veterinarian didn’t stand a chance. She couldn’t handle Nerys, unless she was willing to open a vein (and apparently she wasn't). She couldn’t even get a stethoscope near her. I ended up being the one to guide my grumbling and seriously pissed off little girl to the scale. We got a weight. That was it. Nerys wasn’t down for anything else.

Now, had I not had a total girl moment: I would’ve left the wiggling segment on my finger and put it in a Ziploc bag as evidence because I cannot take this cat to the vet. Oh sure, I could swipe a stool sample from the litter box. But here’s the thing, we have a multi-cat home. A lot of the vet’s I’ve known have always dewormed as a precaution, whether the stool sample came back positive or negative. Well, now I know for a fact Nerys has tapeworms.

So, I ended up washing everything last night. Blankets, pillow cases, anything I knew Nerys had lain on. Today, I’m going to call around and see if I can find a vet that she’s seen in the past that doesn’t want to see her again and will give me dewormer to treat the entire feline household. And no, they don’t have fleas (which is how they get tapeworms, by ingesting infected fleas), but several months ago my ex and I were taking one of our cats to the vet and felines do have a tendency to pick up fleas at clinics. Apparently, we weren’t quick enough with the Advantage.

Nerys kept following me around last night giving me this look like, “What did I do this time?” And all I could say was, “I love you, wormy-butt. It’s not personal; I just don’t love your worms.” And I really don’t want another up-close and personal experience with them.

September 27, 2010

Darkness Embraced: A Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel

Two hundred years ago, Epiphany was reborn a vampire. Sired by Renata, the Queen of the Rosso Lussuria, Epiphany willingly played the role of the queen’s beloved pet—until she was cast from Renata’s bed and lost her protection from the Elder vampires.

Epiphany has done her best not to become a target, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, like a long-forgotten memory huddling beneath the mantle of Vasco’s power, her one true friend among the Rosso Lussuria. Now Renata has called Epiphany forth to face the challenges ahead that could elevate her clan status to the ranks of an Elder. But Epiphany has few friends and many enemies, and the chances of surviving the challenges are slim.

Surrounded by harsh vampire politics and secret ambitions, Epiphany learns that an old enemy is plotting treason against the woman she once loved, and to save all she holds dear, she must embrace and form an alliance with the dark.

Scheduled for release by Bold Strokes Books in May 2011.

August 27, 2010

Raven Mask - Giveaway.

I'm doing a giveaway of a signed (paperback) copy of Raven Mask.

Here's how this works:

Send me an e-mail at and let me know in the body of the e-mail that you'd like your name to be entered in the drawing. Be sure to put, "Raven Mask," or, "RM," in the subject line so I know it's not junk mail. :)

I'll let this giveaway go on for a few days. Will do the drawing and announce a winner by the end of next week.

Good luck to those who enter.


July 7, 2010


I dreamed of Lenorre. I don’t remember all of the details of the dream. What I do remember is this: her entire body encased in black, black pants, black long-sleeved shirt, so much black it was hard to discern where the shirt stopped and pants began. I remember the way she moved, how she raised her head slowly to reveal her striking silvery eyes. Even in dreams, there was a quiet air about her that commanded attention.

This too, I remember: a door opening. One of the vampires in her keep brought a girl of some sixteen to seventeen years old in. The vampire tossed the girl at Lenorre’s feet like a broken doll. Lenorre rose from her throne, moving in that quiet way that was transfixing. A woman’s voice whispered at my ear, breaking Lenorre’s spell, breaking the undeniable urge to watch her. I turned toward the voice, turned to meet eyes that I knew were an intense sea-green, (as this specific character isn’t introduced until book two - I’ll not say much about her). The words she whispered made my skin prickle and then, I was pissed. In Kassandra fashion, I summoned my anger. Lenorre had returned to her seat and I approached, giving voice to my anger and displeasure. She didn’t say a word. The whole time, she said absolutely nothing to me. She sat there and watched me, watched me as if she had all the time in the world to wait for my anger to dissipate. When she didn’t rise or respond to my anger, it quieted. I sighed, realizing she wasn’t going to fight with me. Whatever decision she had made in the dream had been her own and she was secure and unyielding in it. I remember her coming to me then, reaching out and touching my hair (mine is closer in length to hers than Kassandra's - that's how I knew I was myself and not Kass in the dream). There was a thoughtful look in her eyes that mingled with a weight of sadness I didn’t understand.

I woke wanting to work on the book, wanting to see Lenorre happy again. If my muse or subconscious was trying to find a way to guilt trip me into resuming my work on the third book, it succeeded. I think the only way I’m going wash the memory of Lenorre’s sadness from my head is by jumping back into the thick of it.

There are edits I need to work on, but I’m going to go play in Kassandra’s world and try to shake this feeling of guilt. Damn it, Lenorre.


May 28, 2010


I was going to pick up the third book in the Lyall series this morning, but realized I desperately need to update my blog. Ah, crap.

Currently, I’m done with all of my edits and revisions. That clears the way for me to work on the third book. The downside is I can’t immediately resume work on it because I stopped a hundred and something pages into it. I need to reread everything I wrote. I could more than likely pick up and go into the next scene without rereading, but that’s not how I write. I need the memory of previous things to be fresh.

Didn’t I plot this book out? Well, yes. I plot books out, but plot is part of the foundation. Writing can sometimes be a nearly intuitive thing for me. I’ll lay the basic foundation for the plot down and build off of it, but I don't plot every minor detail. I can't, because there have been times when I’ve thought a character would act a certain way or a scene would play out a certain way and they don't always do that once they hit the page. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before. A lot of writers know what I’m talking about. Some of us spend hours trying to bend our imaginary friends to our will. Others just let them go and see what happens. Depending on the situation, I do both. I am both plotter and pantser and not ashamed. (Brief explanation for those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about. A pantser is a writer who flies through a book by the “seat of their pants.” A plotter is someone who plots and is generally a stickler about following that plot).

In order to pick up where I left off I need to revisit the story. It gives me a chance to edit the pages I’ve already written. I had planned on working on the book yesterday, but due to the incessant sounds of hammering, it wasn’t happening. We have people working on the roof again today. Hopefully, they’ll try to keep as quiet as they’re being (of course, I type that sentence out and the banging intensifies – neat trick, that is).

Methinks utter determination will come in handy today. Yes, me do.


March 27, 2010

Virtuous Vice

I’m behind schedule. It’s my own internal schedule that I’m behind. I am not behind on any actual deadlines, thank Gods. I’m fairly certain this is the first time I’ve fallen behind even on a mental deadline I’ve set.

Remember that prologue I was working on? I spent about a week or so working on it only to come to the conclusion that 1) it wasn’t right for the story and 2) it seriously just wasn’t working. The first time I realized it wasn’t working was when I hit a point where I was on the verge of tears. I stepped away from the book, to give myself some breathing room and time to calm down. Perhaps, I was being too critical. Once I calmed down, I went back to work on it. A few days later, I hit that point of utter frustration again. It was then that I realized I wasn’t being overly critical.

Why didn’t the prologue work after I spent two hours mulling over it before even putting pen to paper? I cannot say. I can only say that from my perspective, it didn’t. It didn’t feel right. There are things that play out better in our minds than they do on paper. You have to be able to judge the worth of a scene and some times, in order to do that, you’ve got to pour it out and see how it dances on page. It danced well enough, but I was not happy with it. A prologue should bring something to a story and I felt it took away more than it gave. In my eyes, it lacked that certain je ne sais quoi.

Once I stopped trying to force something that wasn’t working – Guess what? I found a path that worked. Go figure, that.

If I’d accepted the fact that it wasn’t working the first time, then I probably wouldn’t have fallen behind schedule. My determination to try and make it work got the best of me.

As in life, there are times in writing when you come to a crossroad. While my muse stood, pointing to a specific path and offering guidance, I stubbornly turned around and ventured into a dark cave, only to emerge some hours later with a sour look and disheveled hair.

There are times when determination can work in your favor. Yet, there are also times when, in order to succeed, you have to know how to relent.


March 17, 2010

When the Muse Calls.

I slept worth crap the other night. My girlfriend got called in to work and had to work overnight. One would think that having the entire bed to oneself would inspire a dose of good night’s sleep, but it was not so. I slept lightly and kept waking up every couple of hours. I couldn’t tell you how much sleep I actually got, only that it was not much.

I didn’t sleep well last night, either. After getting up at seven-something the following morning, I didn’t fall asleep until after three in the morning. My mind was working and my muse was whispering. It’s been a while since the muse has actually kept me awake. I believe, the last time it happened I was either working on Witch Wolf or Raven Mask. But last night, after so little sleep the night before, being kept awake by my muse was a blessing and a curse. Perhaps, I should be more specific. What do I mean when I say that my muse kept me awake? Well, for one, I couldn’t pull my mind away from Epiphany’s story. I finished the book a week or so ago. I finished my basic edits and now I’ve got rewrites to do. I went to bed knowing that I would wake up this morning and begin work on the rewrites. I’ve only got so much time to get the rewrites done before my editor sends me the edits for Raven Mask.

One of the pieces of, “rewrites,” that I need to do is a prologue. When I crawled in bed to try to go sleep last night, it was like there was a secret button in my pillow that said: Epiphany – On.

My mind swung into Epiphany’s tone of voice. I laid there listening to myself narrate the prologue from beginning to freaking end. The lack of sleep made the images clearer. Yes, when writing I do a lot of visualization. It’s kind of like watching a movie play out in the back of my mind. All of the books I’ve written, I’ve written in the first person narrative. The scenes that kept flashing in the back of my mind last night were more third person. Interesting, that is. Oh yes, I remember the scenes very vividly, even though I was completely and utterly exhausted. I remember the dialogue and the visuals like the events of a very clear dream, that upon waking, cling to one’s mind and skin.

Does that mean that I’ll write the prologue as it played out in my head? No, I know I won’t transcribe it word for word, but having it run through my mind last night gave me a good outline for where to start this morning. I’ll alter the scenes as I see fit once I sit down to work.

I liked the prologue, though. What amuses me is that I laid there for a good two hours. Two hours lying there, listening to my own inner voice narrate and choreograph various scenes in a specific order. At one point, I nearly launched myself out of the bed to write it down. There is very good reason most authors keep a pen and notebook beside the bed. I don’t keep a pen and notebook directly by the bed. If I want it, I’ve got to get up, avoid feline speed bumps, and find it in the dark by memory. I’ve done it before, but last night I was not up to climbing out of the warm bed and freezing my butt off just to write it down. I also knew that if I got up, I’d interrupt the flow and only find myself dragged down by sheer exhaustion.

It wasn’t until the last sentence of the prologue, until Epiphany’s closing statement floated through my mind like a voice whispering in the dark that I finally relaxed and gave myself permission to fall asleep. Yes, it’s a little frustrating when you’re hellaciously tired and desperately craving some sleep, but in the end, it was well worth it. The scenes are still fresh, filed away and tucked away in a corner of my mind, ready to be used. If I’d taken control of my thoughts and stopped the scenes, I’d have really missed out on some interesting stuff.

I got about five hours of sleep. I woke unexpectedly to very soft fur sliding across my hand. I felt Sloan open his mouth, brushing his feline lips across my fingers. I wasn’t petting him in my sleep, but apparently, he saw my hand flung out and decided to use it without my consent. I opened my eyes and all I saw was his shadowy outline. I opened my eyes and thought, “You are seriously not waking me up just to pet you.”

I don’t know how my girlfriend does it. When she sleeps, she sleeps under a blanket of kitties. I’ll knock the cats off of me in my sleep. I can’t stand being pinned in by them. I have to admit, Lonz, one of our boys once woke me in a wonderful fashion one time. My shirt must’ve been wrinkled, because he has this thing about ‘smoothing out wrinkles.’ I woke to him standing on my back giving me back massage. It was a much better to wake up than his other ‘wake-up the human,’ tactics. His other tactics involve head-bunting roughly enough that I have to turn my face into the pillow to avoid a sore nose. Another of his favorites is laying down on one side of me just to flop with a heavy flourish to the other. One morning, I had the pleasure of cracking my eyes open just in time to watch him flop right over the edge of the bed and to the floor below.

Now, if only we could train him to wake me with a back massage every morning and train one of the other cats to bring me coffee - that would be marvelous.


February 13, 2010

Character Haze.

I’m writing this blog before I sit down to do a read-through on Epiphany’s story. No, I’m not finished with it just yet, but the end is drawing near. I need to sit down and feel my way through it. Why would I need to feel my way through it? When working on a story I may hit a point where I'm too deeply involved to see things clearly. When I sit down to do a read-through it helps me to see past the character haze. Also, Epiphany has surprised me more than once. She’s not the most easily understood character that resides in my head. She has her moments when she’s very clear and when she’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve learned to sit back and ride it out, to trust my subconscious, my muse, and my characters. The more you fight, the less progress you make. Some times, you have to relinquish a little control.

In the beginning, I learned that Epiphany was a plot gobbler. What does that mean? It means that any predetermined idea I had about what was going to happen and how it was going to happen generally ended up flying out the window. She likes to do her own thing, my Epiphany.

Her book doesn’t write like Kassandra’s. I’ve noticed some unexpected differences. I’ve been able to listen to music while working on Epiphany’s story, from Lacuna Coil to Joan Osborne. Kassandra demands my full attention. I usually never write with music playing in the background with her. It’s more of a hindrance than a pleasure. One of the other differences is that I always feel more in the loop with Kassandra. There have been moments in Epiphany’s story where, instead of feeling like I was sitting in the passenger seat beside her, I felt like I was in the trunk wondering where the Hel we were going. Then, we would arrive at our destination (my ‘aha’ moment) and I would find myself pleasantly surprised (after being tense and frustrated).

Then again, should I really have expected a vampire (character or no) to lay all of her cards on the table? Probably not....

For those of you interested in photography or looking for a photographer, check out TenAcious Studios' new website. Their photography is absolutely amazing.

Here’s the website: TenAcious Studios

It's time to go see which path Epiphany is going to choose.


Raven Mask.

“I stared down at the lifeless body of a boy whose face was all too familiar…”

Following the execution of Lukas Morris, Preternatural Private Investigator Kassandra Lyall told herself that she’d learn more about the local werewolf pack’s Alpha female. Just as she begins her investigation, she’s interrupted by a phone call from friend and ex-colleague, Detective Arthur Kingfisher. The body of a sixteen-year-old boy has been found. It’s not just any sixteen-year-old boy, it’s Timothy Nelson, a boy Kassandra knew was curious about the preternatural.

When Timothy’s body disappears during transport, Kassandra’s questions only increase. She realizes that Timothy’s death serves as a challenge, but it’s not a challenge directed at her. It’s a challenge aimed at her lover, the Countess vampire of Oklahoma, Lenorre.

While Kassandra tries to figure out if Timothy’s curiosity was his undoing, the biggest question of all remains unanswered. Is Timothy Nelson dead or undead?

The Second Book in the Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator Series.

Visit Bold Strokes Books for more info.

February 5, 2010

Sunlight and Horror.

The sunlight tricked my body awake this morning. I woke partially, tried to roll over to go back to sleep, and opened my eyes to find that there was sunlight streaming into the room. It hasn’t truly been sunny for about a week now. We’ve had quite a few grey clouds. For some reason, the sunlight made me think it was later than it actually was. I rolled over to look at the clock, thinking that it was around eleven, to see it was only a little after nine.

So, here I am, once again armed with a mug of coffee.

I got some work done yesterday on Epiphany’s story. I am working on two books, the third book in the Kassandra Lyall Series as well as Epiphany’s story. Epiphany’s story is much different. Where the KL Series has strong mystery and paranormal romance elements, I describe Epiphany’s story as erotic horror and fantasy.

I have to admit, I have a hard time referring to my books as horror. There are a lot of people that consider any book with supernatural creatures in it such as vampires and werewolves horror, but it’s always hard for me to really look at the genre I write and think it’s something meant to inspire fear. And that is probably why I have a hard time acknowledging the label of horror when it comes to my books. I don’t intentionally set out to evoke fear in a reader. If it happens, it happens, but I’d personally rather evoke a deep-seated interest and a care for the characters than someone picking up the book and saying, “Oh, this is scary.”

That’s not to say there are not scary elements or grotesque things in the KL Series. Kassandra is a Preternatural Private Investigator that works with the local police department. She helps solve crimes that revolve around the mysterious preternatural. There are passages in the book that will make the squeamish squirm. Maybe, Kassandra rubs off on me when I’m working on the books and I overlook the fear factor involved, because she doesn't squirm.

If you're wondering, “Are the books scary?” My response to that is, “That depends on what scares you.”

So, why would I pin the label of Erotic Horror Fantasy on Epiphany’s story? Well, for one, there’s a great deal more erotic content than I had anticipated. I’ll start with that. The eroticism in the books is not like some sweet candy that melts in your mouth. It’s sensuous, but in a darker way. Like licorice, it has a sharper bite to it. Epiphany’s tastes aren’t what most people would consider, ‘usual,’ or even ‘normal.’ She’s a two-hundred year old vampire that has had plenty of time to work through and accept her own darker desires and cravings.

Epiphany’s story revolves around a clan of vampires. Some of those vampires are not ones you’d want to invite over for dinner, because they’d slit your throat without blinking and conjure a sincere smile while doing it. In a society with those types of vamps, Epiphany has learned to be silent and inconspicuous. She’s spent over a century living in servitude, playing the role of the submissive, and tip-toeing like a quiet mouse amongst a pride of lions. She lives in a world where the nasty bad guys are too close for comfort and watching her every move. It’s a world where one has a difficult time discerning friend from foe. The fantasy element just happened. Perhaps, it was my subconscious way of giving Epiphany a light in so much darkness, but it is there and plays a major role. There are ancient magics and powers that can work for Epiphany, instead of against her. Her story is one filled with love and lust, fear and betrayal. Yet, at the heart of it all lurks a different brand of redemption. To avoid spoiling any surprises - that's all I am going to say.

I mentioned in the last blog that I would have more news soon and I do. The Second Book in the Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator Series, Raven Mask, is scheduled for release by Bold Strokes Books, September 13, 2010.

So, not only do you guys get Witch Wolf in June, but you have only a little over two months to wait for the release of the second book.

That’s pretty nifty, isn’t it?


January 27, 2010

Writing - When it Doesn't Smell Pleasant.

I've got a mug of green tea and some very lazy cats sitting next to me. I've drawn the curtains back so that I can write by natural light. Well, some natural light. The sun is having an on-going battle with the clouds, so that every now and then, a cloud floats by and the sun peeks through, setting the entire room ablaze with its light.

Did I mention that I love writing by natural light? If not, there you have it. It’s one of my quirks, especially when writing. There's a lamp in the room that is partially my office and partially just an extra room in the house. The lamp offers dimmer light than the ceiling light. If I write at night, I like having a dimmer light, something softer, and gentler with its glow. I would say I’d prefer candlelight, but candles have a tendency to flicker and dance and cast distracting shadows. So, a subtle, but soft and steady glow is ideal when night-writing. During the day, I'm all about the natural light.

When we moved into the house I stood in the room and had to decide where I wanted to put my desk. I opted for putting it where it faced a wall, instead of facing the window. I didn't face the window because I knew it would only distract me. I was afraid that when I sat down to work in the morning, I was either going to have the sun in my eyes (very painful) or end up staring out the window while drinking coffee. So, no window views for me. Just give me a wall and a blank page and I'm good to go.

I don't really work in “my office.” One of the reasons for this is because of the cats. I won't name names, but one of them had issues and decided to use the floor as her litter box. To me, cat urine and writing doesn't go so well together. Plus, the fish tank is in there and the fish are always trying to talk to me. They swim up to the glass, stare, and seem to psychically whisper, “Feed me. Feed me. Feed me.” And though, the filtration system on the fish tank sounds like a lovely little fountain – it makes me have to pee and is not conducive to slipping into whatever little world I'm playing in when trying to get work done on the books.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I tried to rid the room of the smell. I vacuumed and then she went over what I vacuumed with the steam cleaner. I must say, it smells one-hundred times better than it did, but she and I can still smell it. It’s faint and masked by a nice clean smell, but it’s still there. We're going to have to try again or call it doomed.

If you recall my previous entry about cat vomit...let me just say that the feline mentioned in that post is the same one that made the room stinky. Not only has she accomplished making the room smell, but she’s also piddled on every pair of house-shoes I own. For a while, she grew a fondness for peeing on the rug in our bathroom.

So, we're always trying to stay one step ahead of her. We keep the bathroom door closed. I put my slippers up where her big booty can't get up and squat over them. Before you wonder if the issue is health related – it’s not. It’s a territorial thing with her. She’s the only female cat that I have ever seen back up against something and spray it as expertly as a male cat. It’s getting better. We haven't caught her in the act of ‘ready, aim, fire’ in a while.

Yet, the thing that still baffles me is this:

What the Hel did my fuzzy slippers do to her?

And for those of you that are wondering if the piddler is my baby’s not. Nerys, my baby, may be a very naughty kitty and try to eat people’s children (and a couple of friends), but she is her namesake. She is a lady and does not go to the bathroom on my fuzzy pink slippers.

Yes, I just admitted to owning something pink. And now I'm going to change the subject.

Witch Wolf will be released on June 14th this year. The book is now available for pre-order. Here’s where you can order your copy: Witch Wolf by Winter Pennington.

Also, for those of you interested in the paranormal romance genre, Radclyffe (writing as L. L. Raand) is coming out with a new book in March titled, ‘The Midnight Hunt.’ It’s a good book and I definitely recommend it for those paranormal junkies out there. You'll find an excerpt of the book on this page of her website: L. L. Raand.

I'll have more news soon.