June 5, 2013

Upcoming Release.

Here's the cover and back cover blurb for my next novella, scheduled to be released in October. :)

Cheers, lovelies.

For Cadence Strong, life is one repetitive boring motion. Wake up, go to school, spend time with friends, and go to sleep with very little excitement in-between. Struggling with depression and feeling disengaged from the world around her, Cadence pushes herself to be a “normal” young adult, hoping that at any moment she’ll wake from the monotony of it all and feel human again. When she meets Harmony Black, everything changes. She feels a strong connection with the confident and outspoken stranger and begins to think she’s found just what she’s needed to feel like she’s living again. But what she doesn’t know is that there’s more to Harmony, so much more, and her new friend is about to turn her heart and the world she think she’s been living in right on its head.