January 27, 2010

Writing - When it Doesn't Smell Pleasant.

I've got a mug of green tea and some very lazy cats sitting next to me. I've drawn the curtains back so that I can write by natural light. Well, some natural light. The sun is having an on-going battle with the clouds, so that every now and then, a cloud floats by and the sun peeks through, setting the entire room ablaze with its light.

Did I mention that I love writing by natural light? If not, there you have it. It’s one of my quirks, especially when writing. There's a lamp in the room that is partially my office and partially just an extra room in the house. The lamp offers dimmer light than the ceiling light. If I write at night, I like having a dimmer light, something softer, and gentler with its glow. I would say I’d prefer candlelight, but candles have a tendency to flicker and dance and cast distracting shadows. So, a subtle, but soft and steady glow is ideal when night-writing. During the day, I'm all about the natural light.

When we moved into the house I stood in the room and had to decide where I wanted to put my desk. I opted for putting it where it faced a wall, instead of facing the window. I didn't face the window because I knew it would only distract me. I was afraid that when I sat down to work in the morning, I was either going to have the sun in my eyes (very painful) or end up staring out the window while drinking coffee. So, no window views for me. Just give me a wall and a blank page and I'm good to go.

I don't really work in “my office.” One of the reasons for this is because of the cats. I won't name names, but one of them had issues and decided to use the floor as her litter box. To me, cat urine and writing doesn't go so well together. Plus, the fish tank is in there and the fish are always trying to talk to me. They swim up to the glass, stare, and seem to psychically whisper, “Feed me. Feed me. Feed me.” And though, the filtration system on the fish tank sounds like a lovely little fountain – it makes me have to pee and is not conducive to slipping into whatever little world I'm playing in when trying to get work done on the books.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I tried to rid the room of the smell. I vacuumed and then she went over what I vacuumed with the steam cleaner. I must say, it smells one-hundred times better than it did, but she and I can still smell it. It’s faint and masked by a nice clean smell, but it’s still there. We're going to have to try again or call it doomed.

If you recall my previous entry about cat vomit...let me just say that the feline mentioned in that post is the same one that made the room stinky. Not only has she accomplished making the room smell, but she’s also piddled on every pair of house-shoes I own. For a while, she grew a fondness for peeing on the rug in our bathroom.

So, we're always trying to stay one step ahead of her. We keep the bathroom door closed. I put my slippers up where her big booty can't get up and squat over them. Before you wonder if the issue is health related – it’s not. It’s a territorial thing with her. She’s the only female cat that I have ever seen back up against something and spray it as expertly as a male cat. It’s getting better. We haven't caught her in the act of ‘ready, aim, fire’ in a while.

Yet, the thing that still baffles me is this:

What the Hel did my fuzzy slippers do to her?

And for those of you that are wondering if the piddler is my baby kitty...it’s not. Nerys, my baby, may be a very naughty kitty and try to eat people’s children (and a couple of friends), but she is her namesake. She is a lady and does not go to the bathroom on my fuzzy pink slippers.

Yes, I just admitted to owning something pink. And now I'm going to change the subject.

Witch Wolf will be released on June 14th this year. The book is now available for pre-order. Here’s where you can order your copy: Witch Wolf by Winter Pennington.

Also, for those of you interested in the paranormal romance genre, Radclyffe (writing as L. L. Raand) is coming out with a new book in March titled, ‘The Midnight Hunt.’ It’s a good book and I definitely recommend it for those paranormal junkies out there. You'll find an excerpt of the book on this page of her website: L. L. Raand.

I'll have more news soon.