March 5, 2012

When Sleep-Deprived and Medicated...

Ten minutes ago I was exhausted and ready to snuggle down under the covers and go to sleep. Now, I’m wide-awake and listening to my possessed mp3 player…which came on all on its own and decided to start playing Two-Penny Whore by Inkubus Sukkubus. Since I’m not one to argue with the imps of the mp3 player, Two-Penny Whore it is.

*Rocks out for a moment.*

Right. Ahem, anyhow. First, as you read this blog post, you should know that I’m seriously out of it and hyped up on cold meds.

Second, you should know…

I have two pennies.

Errr, wait, that’s not it. I got like three hours of sleep last night. Woke up at five in the morning yesterday and it’s now almost two in the morning. (Don’t ask how I’m still typing. I suspect it has something to do with the “non-drowsy” cold meds). I tried to resist taking cold medicine for as long as I could. Really, I did. I don’t like the way most of them make me feel (and this particular one makes my feet really tingly…it’s a weird side-effect I get when taking anything with Guaifenesin in it).

Aside from being sick and not getting enough sleep, I’m feeling rather dandy right now. (Again, I suspect that’s the cold meds talking). I missed my opportunity to go to sleep earlier, so now I have to wait until I’m literally dragging my arse to bed. Sure, I could try to sleep, but lately it seems that in order for me to get the eight hours of solid rest I crave and need, I have to use every ounce of energy I have left. If I go to bed too early, when I’m not exhausted – I may fall asleep, but I end up getting crappy broken sleep. So, essentially, what I’m planning on doing is driving myself to that point of exhaustion where I just collapse and clunk out and hope for eight hours of solid, beautiful, delicious sleep.

Till then, I’m writing this post.

And now I’m drawing a blank on what the hell to write about. This is often where my attention span cracks and I give up on the blog post all together. But, I won’t.

I’ll ramble on instead about what I’ve been working on lately. Well, a little bit...

I’ve been asked if there’s going to be a fourth Kassandra Lyall book. The answer is: Yes, and I’m working on it. However, I’ve been momentarily distracted from my work on the fourth book to write a novella that came to me one night out of the blue. It’s a, ah, erotic lesbian fairytale romance, of sorts. So, currently, I’m working on that. Then, when I’m done, I anticipate working on edits for Summoning Shadows (Rosso Lussuria Book II, which comes out in August this year) and resuming my work on the fourth Kassandra Lyall book. Fun stuff.

I’m really happy to say that Bloody Claws made it as one of the ten finalists among the Readers’ Choice Awards for 2012. To those of you that have taken the time to vote, THANK YOU! For those of you that haven't voted, but would like to, you can vote for it here (and can vote daily up till March 21st): Lesbian Readers' Choice Awards 2012

Of course, I’m not holding a gun to your head or anything like that, but any votes you guys cast my way are very much appreciated. I know awards are generally a big shindig in the author community (most of us want bragging rights, and hey, they’re nice), but to me, honestly, when you guys take the time to contact me personally and tell me how much you enjoyed the books… Well, that’s one of the greatest rewards of writing. I’m not shitting you. Like Kassandra, I have my totally sappy moments and there’s a few of you (you know who you are) that have seriously moved me to freaking tears. However, if that spreads vastly around the internet (that I’m a bit of a sap)… I will hunt you down. ;) Kapeesh?

Also, I wanted to share this really lovely open letter: Open Letter to Winter

And yes, that turned me into total mush! Huge thanks to Carol for taking the time to write it and for sharing it with me. :)

Mmm, and another tidbit of news – this month Bold Strokes released the paranormal anthology, Women of the Dark Streets. For those of you that need an Eris or Zaphara or paranormal fix in general, I encourage you to pick up a copy. There are several great stories in it. My short story, ‘Eris,’ takes place during the same timeline as Witch Wolf, only from Eris’ perspective. You can order a copy of the book here: Women of the Dark Streets

Now that my mp3 player has decided to play Sweet Fallen Angel (a song that’s lulling me to sleep - also by Inkubus Sukkubus), I’ll end the post here. I’m pretty sure the letters on my screen are trying to mate and make babies.

It’s a little unnerving…


Brightest Blessings,

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