February 13, 2010

Character Haze.

I’m writing this blog before I sit down to do a read-through on Epiphany’s story. No, I’m not finished with it just yet, but the end is drawing near. I need to sit down and feel my way through it. Why would I need to feel my way through it? When working on a story I may hit a point where I'm too deeply involved to see things clearly. When I sit down to do a read-through it helps me to see past the character haze. Also, Epiphany has surprised me more than once. She’s not the most easily understood character that resides in my head. She has her moments when she’s very clear and when she’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve learned to sit back and ride it out, to trust my subconscious, my muse, and my characters. The more you fight, the less progress you make. Some times, you have to relinquish a little control.

In the beginning, I learned that Epiphany was a plot gobbler. What does that mean? It means that any predetermined idea I had about what was going to happen and how it was going to happen generally ended up flying out the window. She likes to do her own thing, my Epiphany.

Her book doesn’t write like Kassandra’s. I’ve noticed some unexpected differences. I’ve been able to listen to music while working on Epiphany’s story, from Lacuna Coil to Joan Osborne. Kassandra demands my full attention. I usually never write with music playing in the background with her. It’s more of a hindrance than a pleasure. One of the other differences is that I always feel more in the loop with Kassandra. There have been moments in Epiphany’s story where, instead of feeling like I was sitting in the passenger seat beside her, I felt like I was in the trunk wondering where the Hel we were going. Then, we would arrive at our destination (my ‘aha’ moment) and I would find myself pleasantly surprised (after being tense and frustrated).

Then again, should I really have expected a vampire (character or no) to lay all of her cards on the table? Probably not....

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It's time to go see which path Epiphany is going to choose.


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